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Scientific Classification
Binomial Name

Prunus persica

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Generally the peach has two classifications one, freestone, the stone falls away from the flesh and two, clingstone, is opposite of freestone because the fruit stick to the stone. Peach Tree is one of the most famous fruit tree in many area and people enjoy eating. A long time ago, many people thought that peach was originated from Persia but now people say it is from Asia.


Peach fruit anatomy

The tree grow till to 5~10m tall and contains lanceolate leaves which are 2~3 cm broad and 7~15 cm long. The peach has a big seed in the middle of it and peaches are sweet and delicious. Also, they have smooth and thin skin. Normally the peach is pink or yellow but the seeds are red-brown(1.5~2 cm long). Well grown peach's flesh is soft, sweet, tasty and delicious but some other species's flesh is hard like an apple.


Peach trees grows in a worm area or spring which can be Asia and that is why the peach is famous in China, Japan or other Asia. There are important peach areas producing in history which are Iran, China, France, Italy, Spain, Greece but presently U.S (contains three biggest producing area which is California, South Carolina and Georgia). When the peach tree grows in spring and make flowers , if the weather changes suddenly to freezing then flower gets damaged or killed. For an example, if the temperature is under -4ºC then generally the flowers die unless, they are not perfectly grown.

Nutritional Facts

The Peach has high vitamin A and vitamin C. It is also fat free, saturated, sodium free, cholesterol free and 150KJ.



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