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Paul Taylor

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Not to be confused with Paul S. Taylor of Films for Christ
Paul Taylor

Paul F. Taylor is the Director of the Mount St. Helens Creation Center in Silverlake, Washington, USA, on the road to the Mount St. Helens volcano. He was formerly an executive with Creation Today, based in Pensacola, Florida, USA, and the Senior Speaker with Answers in Genesis (AiG) in the UK.

Early life and career

He was born in the Lancashire town of Ashton-under-Lyne, in the North of England, in 1961, and grew up in the neighbouring town of Stalybridge. He learned to play the piano early in life, and was educated at Chetham’s School of Music, Manchester.

Taylor became a Christian in his late teens. Shortly after this, he had a Saturday job in a Christian bookshop in Ashton. It was there that he first noticed a booklet by a group of Christians who did not believe in the theory of evolution! This was a complete shock to Taylor, because he could not conceive how people could fail to believe in what he thought was established scientific fact. However, the bookshop manager persuaded him that it made scientific sense to believe the Bible's account of creation in Genesis, and sent Taylor home with such books as Evolution or Creation by Professor Enoch, The Genesis Flood by John Whitcomb and Henry Morris, and Morris' The Genesis Record. Now convinced of the truth of Genesis, and, therefore, of the whole Bible, Taylor began to propagate these views, writing articles for his church magazine.

His interest in science took him to Nottingham University to study chemistry, and he graduated with a BSc in 1982. He then took a year's Post-Graduate Certificate in Education so that he could become a schoolteacher. He taught science in state schools for 17 years, eventually becoming a Head of Department, and gained a Master's degree in Science Education at Cardiff University. As a schoolteacher, Taylor frequently challenged pupils to think through the issue of origins for themselves, rather than accept evolutionary orthodoxy. These teaching methods, particularly as Taylor began developing curricula, frequently brought him into conflict with more evolutionary-minded staff.

Professional writer and speaker

Taylor joined the staff of AiG (UK/Europe) in August 2005 as a writer and speaker and eventually became both Senior Speaker and Head of Media for AiG-UK. Taylor contributed regularly to the AiG website and Answers Magazine and continues writing numerous articles, many of which are published in various Christian magazines. He left in 2011 to join the staff of Creation Today in Pensacola, Florida.

In September 2014, Taylor moved to Silverlake, Washington, to serve as Director of the Mount St. Helens Creation Center, a 501(c)(3) Christian ministry and visitor center on the main tourist road to Mount St Helens.

Taylor is also an engaging speaker. He previously produced podcasts regularly for AiG-UK, and co-hosted The Creation Today Show with Eric Hovind.


Taylor and his wife, Geraldene, have five children.


Paul Taylor
Mount St. Helens Creation Center
4749 Spirit Lake Highway
Silverlake, WA 98645


Taylor is the author of several books. The Six Days of Genesis arranges contemporary creationist thinking into biblical order as a commentary of Genesis chapters 1 to 11. Truth, Lies and Science Education is an analysis of science education in the Western world, and in the UK in particular. In the beginning is a collection of short articles from Life Times magazine. And Cain and Abel is an easy-to-read creation-evangelistic book.

His latest book, Where Birds Eat Horses, shows that the "evidence" for evolutionism consists not in the science, but in the clever and deceptive use of language..