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An overgeneralization is an argument which makes a general statement about a group that is so broad as to be ridiculous. Usually it is based on some truth about a subset of the group, but is generalized and applied to the entire group.


Sub group a (usually a minority or even minuscule minority) of Group A, has trait b but it is said that Group A has trait b.

This is a fallacy because the trait is being applied to a larger group than the one that it actually applies to.


E: "Creationists aim to not only destroy science in an effort to bolster their claims, they mean to redefine the United States of America, eviscerate the Constitution, and effectively dismantle American democracy, by instituting religious indoctrination in the schools and halls of public policy making."

C: He has generalized about the "secret goals of all creationists" to such a degree that apparently even little 11 year olds reading the story of Noah and believing it are involved in this conspiracy to destroy the world.

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