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Our Created Universe

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Our Created Universe.png


Seminar by Spike Psarris
55 minutes

Our Created Universe, a presentation at the 2007 Seattle Creation Conference. This presentation goes through all observational evidence from astronomy and thoroughly discredits the Big Bang model of universal origins. It even includes quotes from evolutionists themselves who admit that the Big Bang model cannot explain the existence of several types of object that many astronomers have seen. Includes many stunning photographs.


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Our Created Universe is a sequel to Psarris' excellent Our Created Solar System that he presented to the Seattle Creation Conference in 2006. And as he does in the prior video, so in this one he examines the universe and all its various objects--including our own sun and stars and galaxies.

He also includes many facts that most people never learn, facts that flatly contradict the gradualistic and uniformitarian views of the origins of the universe. What makes these facts most telling is that they are elementary. For example:

  1. The equator of the sun is on a plane that is seven degrees tilted from the plane of the ecliptic (the orbit of the earth around the sun).
  2. The sun spins on its axis at about 1/200th the rate at which it ought to spin if it were formed from a spinning nebula--an extraordinary ratio that violates conservation of angular momentum.

Despite these facts, the "nebula model" for the creation of stars remains today the accepted model.

These revelations occur fifteen minutes into the presentation, and do not stop until the end. They include a careful explanation that the very formation of galaxies would violate the laws of thermodynamics if it were not a creation event. But by far the most striking surprise is the tremendous lack of confidence that evolutionists place in their own theories. Psarris even cites actual textbooks, used in astrophysics classes today, that openly admit that evolutionistic astronomers simply do not know and cannot figure out how stars and galaxies form, or even why they exist--because according to the Big Bang model, they should not exist.

As he did in Our Created Solar System, Psarris has tailored his presentation to a non-technical audience. The key difference is that this presentation includes a far greater proportion of new evidence--"new" only in the sense that most people do not learn these facts in school today, and have not learned them in at least the last forty years--that contradicts all of the materialistic models for solar and universal origins.

This video is a valuable follow-up to the earlier introduction of the solar system, for those wanting a non-technical survey of what we know about the universe--and about what evolutionists think they know, but do not.