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Origin of sexual reproduction

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A picture of Adam and Eve about to partake in the forbidden fruit.

Science and Sexual Reproduction

Scientists say the over 1.2 billion years ago is when the process of sexual reproduction started. All sexually reproducing organisms come from a single celled common ancestor. They believe that it is possible that the evolving of sex was a huge part of evolution and how our modern society works today. For organisms to reproduce, they need to replicate their genetic material in a reliable and helpful way. The usefulness of repairing genetic damage in many different ways is one of the main reasons and legs that helps explain sexual reproduction in the scientific manner. A cell containing two complete sets of chromosomes can fix any damaged section through a process called homologous recombination. This is one of the leading uses of evidence that scientists use to explain and support sexual reproduction. Another theory that scientists believe, is that sexual reproduction started from copies of DNA that exchanged materials for transmitting to one another. In most living organisms sexual reproduction has been proven to make the things like parasites, fungi, and other types of bacteria during the process. A form of exchanging genes called sex is not a form of reproduction but is an example of transferring genes which also supports the scientists way of defining sexual reproduction.[1] The reproductive system is a collection of organs. Inside and out. The reproductive system has lots of relevance and a big role in survival. Many scientist say that the reproductive system is one of the biggest systems in the body because of the role it plays. The male reproductive system is made from two main parts called the sperm and testes. The testes are carried in an external pack called then scrotum. The female system includes many major external and internal parts like the clitoris, cervix, and labia. The females reproductive system deals with hormones way differently than males. Responding to changes in hormones one egg is released and sent to a tube called the Fallopian tube. If the egg is not fertilized by the sperm then it is eliminated due to menstruation. As you can see, even through the science eyes there is still a lot of intelligent design inserted into the origin of reproduction.

Origin of Sexual Reproduction Theories

  • Ancient Greece and Rome
  • Renaissance
  • Restoration
  • Enlightment
  • Nineteenth Century
  • Modernity
  • Postmodernity
  • Adam and Eve
  • Big Bang
  • Cannibalism
  • Red Queen Hypothesis

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A picture of two organisms reproducing.

Adam and Eve

In the bible there is a perfect example of reproduction, and guidelines to keep it the same throughout generation to generation are also in the bible as well. Adam and Eve are people in the bible that are the first ones to reproduce. Adam and Eve did not have any parents and were sent to earth by God. They are direct creations of God. On the 6th day after creating land animals. God decided to make Adam first from dust and breathed life into him with his own breath then made eve. When God Adam and Eve were tempted in the garden and gave in, temptations became real and in effects. When they ate the apple for the first time, they discovered "Nakedness" and Adams desires were awaken. [3] Over the years scientists have been trying to figure out and trace the genetics to Adam and Eve to be the first parents of the world. Scientists all over the world have come to somewhat of a conclusion that all humans come from a population of 10,000 people around 100,000 years ago. This estimate has come from a bunch of assumptions, tests, and models that scientists have done throughout the years. This data can be used to help support the biblical references as well. In the bible it says that Adam and Eve were the first married couple, a male and female. This representation demonstrates that god intention for marriage is for a male and female and that the main intention is to reproduce and make more of Gods children. These examples are definite demonstrations of intelligent design. Only God is able to create [4]

What is Reproduction

A picture of sperm cells colliding with egg cells.

Sexual reproduction is the production of new organisms by intertwining two different types of genetic information. Sexual reproduction produces new gene combinations through a process called recombination which is basically picking and pulling apart different types of genes and putting them together. A major advantage of reproduction is that new organisms are formed keeping the world God created for us populated and alive. It is meant for only a male and female to produce offspring. This is because God made it to where males have something called sperm and females have something called eggs. These are called gametes and they combine with each other and share 50% DNA. Two of the same gametes will not be able to combine and produce anything because they are simply not made to be together. God has created the world to where a male and female produce in every organism - weather a small ant or a large gorilla. Without making more individuals, it would be hard for a species survive generation to generation. A purpose of life can only be formed by a person that knows the essence of will, and a sense for the future. The person can translate that onto coded information called gametes and make a half clone of themselves, the other half being the partner you joined with.[5] A lot of people forget the importance of fusion in sexual reproduction. It incorporates the male and female gametes and during fertilization is when the fusion happens. After the fusion happens a cell formed by the merging of the two gametes is created called a Zygote. After the merging of the gametes and the Zygote is created, real deal offspring is created that is relatively different from the two parents, even though we know that 50% of each of the parents cells are taken to make an offspring. There are certain Zygotes in the world that can produce cells from a single cell. This whole sexual reproduction process is definitely a spectacular thing that God has put together. You can not make these thing up from man, maybe you can find a and make some sort of device that can make a clone or some sort. But in all honesty you can not find anything relatively close to the intelligent design that God has put together.


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