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Organized complexity

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Red line shows the tendency for a system to become less probable as both organization and complexity increase. It is not intended to represent the exact relationship.

Organized complexity is the degree of both the organization and complexity of a system. The pattern is that simple disorganized systems are far more probable than complex organized systems. A system can be simple and organized like crystals, or disorganized and complex like weather, and still be probable enough to occur by natural means. Even in these cases they have help in avoiding being disorganized simple systems. Crystals get their simple organization by way of the interaction of molecular forces and weather's complexity is due to a constant influx of energy from the sun. When organization and complexity are not part of the same system they each clearly can occur naturally, but when both organization and complexity are found in the same system, the odds of their occurring drop considerably, and the more of both that a system has, the less probable it becomes. Such systems quickly become statistically impossible to be produced by natural processes.

This is so because Statistical Thermodynamics shows that complex organized systems have relatively few equivalent states when compared to other systems. It shows that the number of equivalent states of complex organized systems is much much smaller than 10-100of the total number of possible states of the system. When probabilities are so small there is simply not enough time and matter in the universe, even assuming the Big Bang, for such a system to occur even once even without repeating combinations; such systems are considered to be statistically impossible. In reality, natural systems can and do repeat combinations, so no matter how much time and matter are allowed for, such improbable systems will not occur by any natural process. They can only occur when deliberately created by an intelligent agent. Life represents the most complex organized systems known to exist, and this is why a naturalistic origin of life is impossible. So no matter how many just so stories evolutionists may invent to describe how they think it could happen, that does not change the fact that the most firmly established laws of physics say that it can not happen.