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Of Pandas and People

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By Percival Davis and Dean Kenyon
170 page hard cover.
ISBN 0914513400

Of Pandas and People is designed for use as a supplemental book for Biology classes in public government schools, and has gone through extensive scientific review and public school field testing. Private schools and homeschoolers will also find this a valuable resource. The following topics are covered:

Many people are still unhappy with how the topic of origins is covered in our public school biology textbooks. Although the publishers will be forced to fix the outright errors about evolution, no effort will be made to cover peer-reviewed criticisms of neo-Darwinian theory. And of course, no textbook is yet willing to present the alternative of Intelligent Design. The only option available is the biology textbook supplement Of Pandas and People originally published by the Foundation for Thought and Ethics in 1989 and now available in the improved Second Edition and Fifth printing.

Table of Contents:
User's Guide to the Book
Chapter 1: The Origin of Life
Chapter 2: Genetics and Macroevolution
Chapter 3: The Origin of Species
Chapter 4: The Fossil Record
Chapter 5: Homology
Chapter 6: Biochemical Similarities
A Note to Teachers

The Overview has been written as a 40 page easy-to-read summary of the entire book, chapter by chapter. The individual chapters are called Excursions, which allow the student to delve into deeper technical detail on each subject. Each chapter also provides and Intelligent Design perspective on the topic as well as suggested resources for further reading.

If you have a high school student interested in science, this a must read book. In fact anyone interested in the origins debate will find this a valuable resource with its clear presentation of the essential arguments and beautiful color illustrations.