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Obal (Hebrew: עובל, ʻŌḇāl; "Name means::stripped bare") was the eighth son of son of::Joktan, according to Genesis 10:26 .


Obal's descendants were known as the Abil in south Arabia. There is also a Wibal tribe in Arabia who may be, in part, his descendants, a town called Wibal may be found in the Wadi Bani Ruwayyah. The tribe, or a section of it, may have migrated to the River Elbe or Obalus, giving their name to it. They may have also been the Ophlones of Sarmatia. Obal's descendants are understood by Samuel Bochart[1] to be the Avalites, on the shores of Ethiopia. His descendants may also be identified with Gobolitis in Idumaea.

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  1. Geographia Sacra seu Phaleg et Canaan, ii. 23
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