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Norman Geisler

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Norman Leo Geisler is a Christian apologist[1]and theologian.[2].He has author or co-authored more than 100 books and articles. He does debates and lectures for different topics such as apologetics and theology. [2].He is 84 years old.[3]. Norman Geisler is known for his debates on apologetics, speaking on Christian radio programs and having an outstanding number of books that he authored or co-authored.[1].He went to schools such as William Tyndall College, University of Detroit and Wheaton College to get his degrees in apologetics and many more. His professional experience in teaching is remarkably outstanding. He has been teaching about apologetics on the college or graduate level for over 50 years. He has worked in some of the schools he went to study and get his degrees. Such as becoming a graduate assistant in Bible Philosophy Department at Wheaton College (1959)[2]. He also has a Phd in Philosophy from Loyola University, Chicago[3] (1970)[1]

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Norman Geisler's education includes many well-known schools such as William Tyndale College, Wayne State University and Loyola University. He obtained his B.A in Philosophy at William Tyndall College (1958).Then in 1960 he got his M.A in theology at Wheaton College.[3]. To add more to his professional experience, he did additional graduate work at schools that he got his degrees. Schools such as Wayne State University, University of Detroit and Northwestern University in Evanston.[3]

I am put here for the defense of the gospel- Phil 1:17

Teaching Experience

Norman Geisler has over 50 years of teaching / professional experience in apologetics education. He has even taught at schools where he graduated from. He has been teaching at Evangelical Seminary Graduate School in Pennsylvania, whom he is the co-founder the school.He has been dean and president of that school for over 10 years.He is currently the distinguished senior professor of theology and apologetics at Evangelical Seminary School.(2014-present).[2]

Books and Articles

Norman Geisler authored or co-authored more than 100 books and articles. Having more than 100 books and articles for a Christian Apologist is outstanding. One of his well received works is the Bakers Encyclopedia of Christian apologetics , and is considered a systematic work of Christian apologetics since it has been published.[1](1976). His other books explains what the Bible is and how Christianity revolves around it. Some of the books that Norman Geisler has authored or co-authored, that explains how God's Word is the foundation for Christianity are A General Introduction to the Bible (1968),Christ the Theme of the Bible (2012) and From God to Us (1974).[2] . Some of the other well known books are :

1.A Popular Survey of the Old Testament (Baker,1977)

2.The Roots of Evil (Zondervan, 1978)

3.Introduction to Philosophy: A Christian Perspective (Baker, 1980)


Norman Geisler is known for his debates on defending Christianity and Biblical miracles such as the global flood. He gained his reputation as a defender and believer in Christianity from public debates he participated in from 1970 to 1990. When attempting to publish his outline on apologetics, his fourteen points on his apologetics method showed up, which appeared on the appendix of one of his books When Skeptics Ask (1990).[3]

These are the fourteen points :
1. There are self-evident truths
2. Truth corresponds to reality.
3. Truth is knowable
4. One can proceed from self-evident truths to the existence of God.
5. God is a necessary Being
6. My existence is not necessary
7. Therefore, theism is true
8. The Bible is a historically reliable document.
9. Jesus claimed to be both fully human and fully God.
10. He gave evidence to support this claim. ( His resurrection)
11. Therefore, Jesus is both fully human and fully God.
12. Whatever God teaches is true.
13. Jesus (God) taught that the Old Testament was the inspired Word of God and He promised the New Testament.
14. Therefore, both the Old and New Testaments are the inspired Word of God.

These are some other debates Norman Geisler has participated in:
1.Creation vs. Evolution with Dr. Paul Edwards (May 1983)
2.Did Jesus Rise from the Dead with Farrel Til (March, 1994)
3.Should Creation be Taught in the Public Schools with ACLU attorney Crawford (March 5, 1991)


Get to know apologist , Norman Geisler , through this interview.

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