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No Answers in Genesis

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No Answers in Genesis (NAiG) is an anticreation website ran by retired Australian bureaucrat and ardent atheist John Stear.[1] Their stated belief is that:

Creation isn't the alternative to evolution — ignorance is.[2]

NAiG is devoted to rebutting the Answers in Genesis (AiG) organization which employs scientists as full-time employees while most editors on NAiG are not scientifically credentialed. When the NAiG editors partake in a rebuttal of AiG, name-calling and personal attacks ensue rather than a coherent response based in scientific fact. [3]

Personal Attacks

Main article: Anticreationist debate tactics

Anticreationists resort to name calling and personal attacks because their arguments are weak. They usually resort to logical fallacies of some sort to prove their point: the creationist is to be derided for believing in such nonsense. If their scientific evidence was sufficient to prove creation wrong, they would not need to resort to actions that are not scientific in any way. This is not a part of the scientific method, but some will use it so often it may appear to be an unwritten step that anti-creationists have to use in order to be heard.

Responses to NAiG Assertions

Answers in Genesis is a highly reputable and respected organization within the creation science community, particularly the young earth creationist community, as this is the worldview that they take and defend.

No Answers in Genesis writes articles with the intent of leaving its readers with the impression that Answers in Genesis is unscientific and incorporates bad science or pseudoscience. This section aims to provide critical analysis of NAiG assertions.

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