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New King James Version

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New King James Version
Full name: New King James Version
Abbreviation: NKJV
Complete Bible published: 1982
Derived from: King James Version
Textual basis: NT: Textus Receptus, similar to the Byzantine text-type. OT: Masoretic Text with Septuagint influence
Translation type: Formal Equivalence
Copyright status: Copyright 1979, 1980, 1982 Thomas Nelson, Inc.
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The New King James Version of the Bible is a modern translation produced by Thomas Nelson, Inc in 1982, with the New Testament having been finished in 1979. It took a total of 7 years to complete.[1] This version strives to, unlike many other modern translations, keep the same style as the King James Version. This version is largely based off the KJV, but replaces the archaic pronouns such as thee and thou with their modern counterparts, as well as modernizing other archaic language.