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New Age claims

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The New Age movement is one that uses pseudoscience and half-truths. The following is a index of various claim set forward by the New Age community. Some are common, while others are rare, while others are clearly from certain sects within the New Age movement.

Philosophy and Theology


God is all and all is God (New Age)

Jesus was a pantheist (New Age)

The After Life

Ghosts exist (New Age)

Electronic devices can detect ghosts (New Age)

Reincarnation (New Age)

Past life experiences (New Age)

The Amityville horror was based on a true story (New Age)


The Egyptians needed help from aliens or Atlanteans to build the pyramid (New Age)

The Da Vinci code

Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married (New Age)

Jesus was merely a wise man (New Age)

The Priory of Sion is an ancient organization (New Age)

The Catholic Church tried covering up the truth by making Mary Magdalene look like a prostitute (New Age)

The Templars were killed because they knew the truth (New Age)


The Gnostic Gospels are historically accurate (New Age)

The Gnostic Gospels present Jesus as a man (New Age)

The Gnostic Gospels are pro-female (New Age)


Atlantis did exist (New Age)

The Atlanteans founded or helped create Egypt (New Age)


Plants have feelings just like humans (New Age)

Eastern medicine is credible (New Age)


Various cryptids are actually aliens (New Age)


Aliens helped cause mankind's evolution (New Age)

The goal of evolution is to reach a higher state (New Age)

Indigo children (New Age)



The Earth is Hollow (New Age)

Concave hollow Earth (New Age)



Nibiru (New Age)

Anunnaki (New Age)


Aliens exist (New Age)

The US government is holding alien objects at Area 51 (New Age)

Crop circles (New Age)

Alien abductions (New Age)

The government is covering up the truth (New Age)

Ancient astronomy


Quantum mechanics

"What the bleep do we know!?" is an accurate movie (New Age)



Chi exists (New Age)

George Dillman can throw chi (New Age)

New Age Cults


The universe is infinitely old (New Age)

Clonaid has successfully cloned a human (New Age)


Rizq (New Age)

Malachi Z. York is a prophet (New Age)

"Right Racism" (New Age)

The barathary gland (New Age)


L. Ron Hubbard was a prophet (New Age)

Scientology is not a religion (New Age)

Psychiatry is pseudoscience (New Age)


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