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Nethanel or Nethaneel (Hebrew: נתנאל, Nethanʼēl; "Name means::given from God") (b. ca. Born::2915 AM) was an elder brother of King David.


grandson of::Obed
son of::Jesse
brother of::Eliab
brother of::Abinadab
brother of::Shimea
brother of::Raddai
brother of::Ozem
brother of::David
brother of::Zeruiah
brother of::Abigail

Date of Birth

Floyd Nolen Jones infers that David was born in 2919 AM and fought and killed Goliath of Gath when he was eighteen years old (2937 AM). David was the youngest of eight brothers and was not of military age.[1] Nethanel was the fourth brother, so he was twenty-two years old and was born in 2915 AM.


The Bible mentions Nethanel once by name, when listing the descendants of Judah. (1_Chronicles 2:14 ) He did not serve in the army of Israel when his brother David fought and killed Goliath. Jones suggests that Nethanel might have been ill at the time.[1]


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