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Neon tetra

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Neon tetra
Neon tetra.jpg
Scientific Classification
Binomial Name

Paracheirodon innesi

Paracheirodon innesi
Neon tetra 7.jpg

The neon tetra is a species of freshwater fish known by the scientific name Paracheirodon innesi. They are native to the tropical regions of northern South America. Brazil officially has most Neon Tetra than any other place on Earth.[1] It is perhaps best known for what some may call the most beautiful skin in the world, from which its name is derived.[2]


Black Neon Tetra

Neon Tetra is one of the most beautiful and attractive fish when you look at it inside of clear water.[3] It also has an thin body and has an extremely small body length. The size of Neon Tetra is around 1.6" (4 cm). It is so small that if you want keep this fish in an aquarium, you should not put them with big fish.[4] Between 5.5 and 7.8 is pH of water for normal Neon Tetra. Also, 68 degrees F to 75 degrees F is comfortable temperature for Neon Tetra.[5]

A glittering blue lines are at side of the body, from center of the face to the adipose fin.The Neon tetra has red stripe from the middle of the body to the lower fin. The blue stripe involves in dark olive green shade. The bright colors will be black and dark which results the fish looking little bit scary. If you see a dark color for too long, that Neon Tetra might be ill or stressed.[6]


The reproduction of Neon tetra can be difficult to be seen because you don't really know when the male and female neon tetras are pursuing each other to control the reproduction. However as you can see the belly of the fish, you can notice females have the round belly on the lateral line of your sight. If females of Neon tetra has the eggs, you can define it better.[7] There will be blue line on the belly of Neon tetra. The male will have straight belly line when female is breeding. If you see female neon tetra becomes broad, you can think she is producing eggs in her body.[8]

While Neon tetra is separating eggs from their body, you can not let eggs stay on the floor for so long. The parents have to removed soon as eggs have been fertilized. The reason why we have to remove the Neon Tetra's eggs is we do not want these eggs to be ill or get fried. So in order to reduce the danger, it is good to follow instruction from the aquarium. Also it is good to posses more than five Neon Tetras in same place because it comforts the fish. The eggs of the Neon tetra will be fine with great conditions, but they can't be feel safe until the eggs produce new fish. Even after the babies of Neon Tetra becomes the full grown, the babies have to be close with other group because it is really hard be get protected alone so they have to be all together. This is another reason that they have to be close. Also it looks amazing and pretty when they swim all together. [9]


Neon tetra is swimming in the aquarium

Neon Tetra live in clear freshwater fish in northern South America. The Neon tetra can be found in Western Brazil, South-Eastern Colombia, Singapore and eastern Peru. Also they can be find in big rivers such as the Tiger, Napo, Yarapa, and Amazon River. The colors of Neon tetra can shown little dark in the river they live in. Some Neon Tetra can live in places that are not native habitat. They have to live in the water temperature between 20 – 26° C. The fish is also very small. However this fish can live in big rivers. It actually survives the condition they are in with bigger and larger fish that is hundred times as big as they are.[10]

This fish will get neon tetra disease from the the sporazoan Plistophora hypessobryconis, causing them to lose color, milky coloration, weird swimming, and sluggish movement show symptoms of this disease. It also said it is not treatable. You can get sick too when Neon tetra is sick. There is certain place and time when you do not want to be in this situations are when Neon tetra is breeding. And also another situation is when you touch the fish with bare hands while fish is sick and ill. It is very dangerous to touch the fish while take it out from the sink. The Neon tetra has to be in the sink whole time and take out the other fish and keep them safe. Then worry about the fish that is sick. It is best way to you not get ill.[11]

Behavior and Care

The Neon tetra is the non aggressive fish like we know. It is small and very thin. So the fish itself is very protective against other kind of fish. The neon tetra has to be near more than five same kind of fish. Then they feel less dangerous and trouble. Also it looks very beautiful when the neon tetra is with other neon tetras. However you can not mix this fish with other big and huge fish because other aggressive fish will bully those small species. The Neon Tetra's stress can be lead to illness.[12] These fish eats food really not picky. They usually eat shrimps, flakes, small granules, small food. The food bigger than itself will not usually be eaten because the body won't hold it. So if you own the neon tetra you have to give them small meals a day. The Neon tetra can be live until they are 10 years old. [13]

To take care of this fish can be very hard. However there is way to keep them alive while you are possessing this fish.[14] First of all the water has to be in water temperature has to be between 20 and 26° C (68 and 80° F) like they live in natural habitat. Secondly,pH range for Neon Tetras is 5.0 – 7.0 and dH range 1-2. However the sudden change from their natural habitat can actually make fish ill and also harm them.[15] And in last, you have to make this fish like home because it can frightened by their new living from when you buy from pet store. You have to give the time to Neon Tetra to follow the rhythm and new living. It is great notice to make them feel home.[16]


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