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Negroid race

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Negroid skull.

Negroid race is a historical term used to describe one of the what are considered the great races, negroid specifically referring to the indigenous peoples of Sub-Saharan Africa. It is also broken down into subtypes of Caucasoid and Mongoloid races. The term still used by many anthropologists today was revised by Thomas Huxley as early as 1870 when the Australian Aborigines, the Negritos, and the Melanesian, as well as the Papuans (the inhabitants of New Guinea) were grouped into one Australoid race.

An even more modern revision was done by Carleton Stevens Coon who rejected the notion of a unified Negroid race and in his 1962 The Origin of Races concluded that the Black African population should be divided into a Congoid race and a Capoid race.


The Australian Aborigines are classically considered to be part of Australoid race while others classify them a unique subtype race, Australoid. They were seen to be part of a much larger group of proto-Negroids that migrated out of Africa and settled in Southern Asia, Australia, and Melanesia.


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