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The Naphtuhim (Hebrew: נפתחים, Naphtūkhīm) are the descendants of Naphtuh (Hebrew: נפתח, Naphtūkh; "Name means::openings") one of the sons of son of::Mizraim, according to Genesis 10:13 .


Y-Chromosomal Haplogroup E1. The Naphtuhim are in southern Egypt today. They were originally in the Nile Delta (or Lower Egypt) giving their name to it. It is they who were the Memphites—"the people of the god Ptah". Memphis was originally known as Naph[1], and in more modern times as Abusir. The name "Memphis" (Μέμφις) is the Greek corruption of the Egyptian name, Men-nefer[2], which became ⲙⲉⲛϥⲉ, Menfe in Coptic. Later they migrated southwards founding the city of Napata in southern Egypt. Peoples known as 'Nobatai' ("Oasis Dwellers") were observed in antiquity in Libya, Nubia, and Arabia, not to be confused with Nabajoth.

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