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Nancy Bryson

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Nancy Bryson received a B.S. in Biology from Mississippi University for Women (1973), an M.A.T. from Mississippi State University (1976), and a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from University of South Carolina (1982).

Her entire career has been devoted to teaching chemistry at the college level with eighteen years of experience at small, undergraduate universities at various locations in the U.S.[1] She has received several teaching awards, one of which amounts to faculty-member-of-the-year award.[2] Bryson is currently a temporary Associate Professor at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, GA. [3].

Since the early 1990’s, she has had a very strong interest in the theory of evolution. As a chemist, she feels strongly that none of the origin-of-life scenarios (molecules-to-biomolecules-to-first cell) hold up to scrutiny.[4]

Discrimination by MUW

In February 2003, Nancy Bryson (Division Head of the Dept of Science and Mathematics at Mississippi University for Women) gave a presentations to the Honors Forum on the MUW campus entitled Critical Thinking on Evolution. The talk presented alternative views of origins (including intelligent design). She drew upon evidence marshaled by scientists, philosophers of science, mathematicians, law professors, and geologists that evolution is by no means a fact.

The talk was reportedly well received by the students, however, immediately after her talk a senior professor of biology (Dr. William Parker) stood and read a 4-to-5 minute prepared diatribe against Bryson and her talk. He said she was unqualified to speak on the subject of evolution and said the presentation was "religion masquerading as science".[5]

The following morning, several (or so she was told) professors of math and science complained to the Vice President of Academic Affairs about the talk.[6] That afternoon VPAA (Dr. Vagn Hansen) came to her office and asked that she resign effective at the end of the fiscal year - without offering explanation. When Bryson refused to "voluntarily" resign, she subsequently receive written non-renewal notice the following Monday.[7]

In March 2003, MUW announced it would allow Dr. Nancy Bryson to remain as head of the Division of Science and Math; an apparent effort to fend off an impending lawsuit.[8] MUW denies the allegations that her demotion was related to her talk before the Honors Forum, claiming the timing was unfortunate.[9] President Dr. Claudia Limbert said the school's change of heart "reassert[s] MUW's absolute commitment to academic freedom and freedom of speech." [10]


  • B.S. Biology from M.U.W., 1973
  • M.A.T. from Mississippi State University, 1976
  • Ph.D. Chemistry from University of South Carolina, 1982

Contact Info

Nancy Bryson
1000 Chastain RD, MB #1203
Kennesaw, GA 30144
Office: SC 418
Phone: (770) 423-6281

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