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Michael Denton

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Michael Denton

Dr. Michael Denton (b. Born::August 25, 1943) is a Senior Research Fellow in Human Genetics in the Biochemistry Department at the University of Otago in New Zealand. In 1985, as an evolutionist, he wrote the controversial book "Evolution: A Theory in Crisis" because, he said, "I think the current Darwinian picture is insufficient. I don't think it gives a credible and comprehensive explanation of how the pattern of life on earth emerged." [1]

Evolution: A Theory in Crisis exposed thousands of readers to "the overwhelming scientific problems of Darwinian belief." [2]

Dr. Denton studied medicine at Bristol University and developmental biology at Kings College, London University, where he gained a PhD in 1974. He trained in Pathology at the Post-Graduate Medical School, London, and at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

He has held university lectureships in Australia—in Sydney and Melbourne—and for many years his main research focus has been on the genetics of human retinal disease. He has had a long interest in evolution, and in his book Nature’s Destiny (Free Press, New York, 1998), he defended the position that the laws of nature are fine-tuned for life as it exists on earth. He has recently argued that the protein folds, the basic building blocks of modern life, are a set of natural forms determined by natural law.


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