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Marvels of Creation: Breathtaking Birds

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By Buddy Davis, Kay Davis
80 page hardcover

Children and adults both will delight in this illustrated guide to birds of the world. Filled with spectacular photographs and “bird brevities”- it is great for any home or school library. What an incredible design these animals have! The Master Creator made such wonderful and beautiful animals for our enjoyment!

Did you know?

  • The artic tern migrates each year from the Artic to the Antarctic—approximately 24,000 miles (38,400 km)!
  • The roadrunner is the world’s fastest-running bird which also has flight capability.
  • The wild turkey can change the color of its head to white, purple, blue, or red depending on its mood.
  • The bright pink color of a flamingo is directly affected by its diet.

The "Marvels of Creation" is a series of full-color, hardcover books that are chock-full of great information about animals, from black bear to bass. Buddy and Kay Davis, through their love of nature, have written books perfect for Christian education, or just recreational reading. In each of these three books, a detailed description of 30 animals is given, focusing on habitat, eating habits, and design features. There are also study questions at the end, to test knowledge. Accompanying photographs give the reader a complete perspective.

About the Author:
Buddy Davis is on staff with Answers in Genesis and is a world-class dinosaur sculptor, helping create exhibits for the new AiG museum being built near Cincinnati.