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Mako shark

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Mako Shark
Mako shark.jpg
Scientific Classification

Isurus oxyrinchus

The Mako shark, directly from the name, is classified as a Lamnidae family. The mako shark, also called blue pointer, bonito shark, or dog shark commonly. The mako shark is famous in Mid-Atlantic Ocean. It is a shiny spindle shaped shark with a conical snout. The mako shark can maintain itself as low as 41 to 52° F degrees.[1] The mako shark divided into two parts, shortfin and longfin. Shortfin makos are usually larger than longfin mako sharks. Shortfin mako shark related to longfin mako shark, but they are usually called just mako shark.[2]


Shark Mouth Part

The Mako shark can grow to lengths of 13 feet, and it weighs up to 800kg. This species have gray and blue colors on the top, and sides that change to a white belly. When mako shark dies, it color change to dark slate gray on the top and dirty gray on the bottom. The mako shark can reach 1,000 pounds and 12 feet, but 5 to 8 feet are typical size.[3] The Mako shark has sharp teeth for holding and grabbing prey. The both sexes grow about the same rate, though female has a longer life span and weighs more and grows larger than male. The mako shark has a better hydrodynamic shape than all other water species, and it joined together with the lamnidae’s aerobic muscle mass, quickness of the mako shark and it reflects in the incredible speed. [4]


Female mako sharks when the mako sharks become the length of 2 meters, it becomes sexually mature. It has a reproduction system of ovoviviparous; during the gestation period of 450 to 500 days developing supply foods on unfertilized eggs in the uterus. In the late winter and early spring about 5 to 15 mako sharks are born with a length of 0.7 meters. However they don’t have placental connection (bond). It is found that female mako sharks rest for 150 day after birth before the next egg fertilization.[5]

Distribution and Behaviour

Mako shark finning the pacific ocean.

The Mako sharks are considered the most afraid predators; it feeds on some of dolphins, blue sharks, porpoises, and, of course small fishes such as tunas, billfishes, squid, sea turtles, bonito, and mackerels.[6] It has recorded its speed of 31 mph, and can burst (explode) its speed up to 46 mph. Mako sharks certainly hold the record for spectacular jumps (20ft) out of the water and for both long distance travel and makos believed to be the fastest of all kinds of sharks. Because of its brutality, mako shark is also known as a gamefish. People, who look for mako shark to catch, are desperate to feel its power, and want to see its beauty.[7] Mako sharks are one of the called "supersharks." Makos are steely gray blue in color with a long pointed snout and curved, knife-like teeth. Makos are offensive, powerful, and strong. Mako sharks are distributed worldwide right through the tropical zones of the world's seas, and makos are commonly found in deeper waters.[8] [9]


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