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The Ludim (Hebrew: לודים, Lūdīm) are the descendants of the eldest son of son of::Mizraim, according to Genesis 10:13 . Their ethnicon indicates a Lydian origin where they would have been in close association with Lud (Hebrew: לוד, Lūd; "Name means::strife") son of Shem probably as conscripts.


Y-Chromosomal Haplogroup E-V257/L19

The Ludim (plural for Lud) though clearly originating in Lydia appear to be very scattered. Seemingly known in later records as the Lubim, this people settled on the north coast of Africa and gave their name to the nation of Libya. They are known to have provided Egypt on more than one occasion with mercenary troops, the records that tell us this giving their name as the Lebu. Certain African histories describe Goliath, a Lydian name, as "Goliath the Berber" because many of these tribes claim descent from Jalut (the Goliath of the Bible). [1] Otherwise, Josephus records their destruction, or father defeat, in the Ethiopic War.

Robert Gayre locates them in Egypt, near the border with Libya. The Egyptians recorded this name as rbw, although it is uncertain where they settled.

There can be no doubt that they are the same as the Rebu or Lebu of the Egyptian inscriptions, and that from them Libya and the Libyans derived their name. These primitive Libyans appear to have inhabited the northern part of Africa to the west of Egypt, though latterly driven from the coast by the Greek colonists of the Cyrenaica.

Ethnologists and anthropologists are puzzled as to the origin of the Fulbe but they acknowledge that they are traceable back to the Sudan. The arguments for their origin range from southern Tripoli, Arabia, Persia, or Egypt (as the dispersed army of Cambyses c. 500 BC). In common with the pastoral East Africans and their many taboos and rituals concerning cattle, some of these have found their way into the culture of the Fulbe. Fulbe is the German term for them, but they call themselves Pullo, the French Peuls, to the peoples of Chad as Felaata and to the Gambians as Fula.

It is very likely that the Lubim (2_Chronicles 12:3 ; 2_Chronicles 16:8 ; Nahum 3:9 ) were their ancestors and the name eventually evolved into Lebu, then Fulbe. Many of them still lived in Libya today; from them the name "Libya" is derived. The 22nd dynasty of Egypt was of Libyan origin.

At one time they were associated with the Sukkiim (2_Chronicles 12:3 ); and not surprisingly their capital was at Sokoto in Nigeria.

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  1. Tribe and Society in Rural Morocco, which discusses the role of Goliath in Moroccan Berber genealogies.

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