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Loess is difficult to define. But scientists say that a loess is "generally moving of silts by wind." They are made mostly of quartz grains, which is composed of small amounts of clay, and sand that is mostly mixed with silt.

Loess's are in China,that is near the biggest river. The surface of the loess is about 440,000km. They are found in America southeastern of Washington, Eastern of Idaho, the lowlands of Alaska, near the Mississippi river, and in the middle of Europe. Most of the China loess is moved and sedimented from the desert, which is in the northwestern of America by the prevailing westerlies.

Also a lot of woolly mammoths and most of the animals which lived in the glacial age, got buried by loess' in the Siberia, Alaska, and Canada area.

The forests have been cleared in last few thousands years. And during the mid-twentieth century there was a severe deforestation. Developments of farm is contributed to erosion of happening of these days.

In these continents there are immense loess', which are greater than the volume of some glaciers. It covers almost 10% of the continents surface.

The loess' was eroded by water and wind during interglacial periods.

In China, most of the loess' is discovered in mostly lower elevations.

The Chinese government wants to protect the loess longer, because it might be useful for their farming in the future.

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