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Loaded question

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A loaded question is any question that assumes facts not in evidence, especially "facts" about the person to whom the questioner is addressing his question. The classic loaded question is "When did you stop physically abusing your spouse?" It assumes that the other person was in fact guilty of spousal abuse at some time in the past, and even that the other person was married--when neither assumption is established.

As such, the loaded question is a logical fallacy. It is not an argument, but is rather an attempt to trap the other person into admitting a fact into evidence that he never intended to admit.

One should not answer a loaded question directly. Instead one should object to it and point out the facts not in evidence that it assumes.


  1. Are you still beating your wife? (any answer indirect admits to spousal abuse)
  2. When did you throw-in-the-towel and buy a minivan? (presumes that Seinfeld is right)
  3. Did you kick that drinking problem? (any answer confesses to an abuse problem)
  4. How long have you been gambling? (any answer confesses to a gambling problem)
  5. When did you set your mind on neutral and embrace religion?
  6. When did you give up on science and become a creationist?
  7. When did you forsake your education and become a Christian?
  8. Why did you decide to start fighting the science and become a creationist?
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This argument represents a
Loaded question.
Use the {{fallacy|Loaded question}} template to insert the above warning on a page containing an example of the Loaded question fallacy. The template links the warning label to this page.