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List of Religious YouTube Channels

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The compiled list of religious YouTube channels include channels made by Christians, Muslims and adherents from other world religions. All of the YouTube channels have one or more videos relating to Young Earth Creationism, Old Earth Creationism, general apologetics and other topics including naturalism and other forms of non-belief.

Syntax: Name - Christian/Muslim...etc; Gender; YEC/OEC/Other; Basic summary

How to help

You can contribute to this list in several ways. You can:

  • Find '?' and verify the information that is in question.
  • Find incomplete information on a channel and then fill it out by visiting it.
  • Look through some of the channels and try to summarize the arguments or you can pick a channel; summaries should be relatively short and should identify unique characteristics of the channel or summarize the common topics presented.
  • Look at the person's friends and subscribers and see if you can find a channel with religious videos that is not in the list.
  • Find a channel that does not have a link and add a link to it.










  • hanafifiqh - Muslim
  • HarvestTV - Christian; Male;
  • HerrSchnabeltier - Christian; Unknown; Old Earth Creationist
  • hetgow - Christian; Male;
  • hofisito - Christian; Male; Young Earth Creationism; Posts anti-evolution and philosophical videos.
  • HovindSeminarset - Christian;
  • hugenex2000 - Christian; Male; Young Earth Creationist; Discusses evidence for creation.
  • HushAndLearn - Christian; Male; Young Earth Creationist; Discusses the problems with evolution.



  • jcr4runner - Christian; Male; Unknown; Often discusses abortion and has many testimony videos. Also discusses the historicity of Jesus and other topics.
  • jcrebel18 - Christian; Male
  • jericomovie - Deist; Male; Unknown; Discusses philosophical arguments and refutes atheists.
  • JesusDisciple777 - Christian; Male;
  • jesusLostChildren777 - Christian; Male; Young Earth Creationist; Has many young earth creationism videos including a lot of Kent Hovind content.
  • jesuslovinbuddy - Christian; Male;
  • jezusfreek777 - Christian
  • JibreelK - Muslim
  • jinkyfc - Christian; Male; Unknown; Defends the Bible and discusses many theological points.
  • JohananRaatz - Christian; Male; Old Earth Creationist; Discusses physics.
  • John03016 - Christian; Male
  • johnankerberg - Christian; Male
  • johnmcglone4 - Christian; Male; Unknown; Evangelism and anti-calvanism videos.
  • JohnMellorMinistries - Christian; Male; Unknown; Channel demonstrating God's healings.
  • JonTheJansenist - Christian; Male; Young Earth Creationist; Channel dealing with 17th century European Catholic Church politics, Jansenist/Augustinian theology, and Old Catholic Church apologetics.
  • jrsbarker - Christian; Male; Unknown; Makes theological and philosophical videos.
  • jumanous - Christian; Male



  • Labarum312 - Christian; Male; Unknown; Discusses the Historical Jesus, refutes Zeitgeist and discusses Biblical arguments.
  • LaneCh - Christian; Male; Unknown; Discusses many theological points and the resurrection.
  • lapkine77 - Christian; Unknown; Old Earth Creationist
  • legodesi - Christian
  • LetsTalkChrist - Christian; Male; Unknown; Discusses theological points.
  • lhvm - Christian;
  • LiveActionFilms - Christian; Female
  • longhornman99001 - Christian; Male; Unknown; Defends Christianity with philosophical arguments.
  • LordShadrach - Christian; Male;
  • lovejesusplz - Christian; Male; Unknown; Often discusses theological points and argues against Muslims and Jehova's witnesses.











  • vbfl920 - Christian; Male; Unknown; Discusses teleological argument.
  • VenomFangX - Christian; Male; Young Earth Creationist; Discusses science, morality, the end times and other topics.
  • venomfangxsite - Christian; Male;
  • venomx88 - Christian; Male
  • VeritasForum - Christian;
  • veritaslogos - Christian; Male; Unknown; Discusses problem of evil.
  • VersatileMind4Christ - Christian
  • VioletKitty411 - Christian; Female;
  • VyckRo - Christian; Male; Unknown; Refutes Z0mgitsCriss and several other atheists. Anti-communist and grew up in communism.


  • wazooloo - Christian; Male; Young Earth Creationist; Has Young Earth Creationism lectures and discusses Young Earth Creationism.
  • worldslastchance - Christian; Male; Unknown; Debunks the Da Vinci Code and Zeitgeist and discusses other theological points.




  • ZeitgeistDebunked - Christian; Male; Unknown; Debunkes the book and movie Zeitgeist.
  • zkueker88 - Christian
  • zoranjanev1 - Christian; Unknown; Unknown; Responses to 'God is evil' argument. Dead channel.