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Flag Coat of arms
Anthem: ‎ليبيا ليبيا ليبيا
Libya, Libya, Libya
Official language(s) Arabic
Demonym Libyan
Government Provisional government
 -  Prime Minister Abdurrahim El-Keib
Independence Relinquished by Italy 
 -  Water (%) 0.001
 -  2008 estimate 6,173,579 
 -  2006 census 5,670,688 
 -  Density 3.2/km2 (218)
8.3/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2007 estimate
 -  Total 82,769,000,000 
 -  Per capita 13593 
GDP (nominal) 2007 estimate
 -  Total 69,929,000,000 
 -  Per capita 11,484 
Currency Dinar (LYD)
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
Internet TLD .ly
Calling code 218
Template:Lower Until 1951, Libya came under a UN trusteeship, with France and Great Britain as the trustees.

Libya (Arabic: ليبيا, Lībiyā; Amazigh: ⵍⵉⴱⵢⴰ, Libya) is a North African country on the Mediterranean Sea, situated between Egypt on the east, Sudan on the southeast, Chad and Niger on the south and Algeria and Tunisia to the west. Its capital city is Tripoli.


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