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Law of biogenesis

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Illustration of swan-necked flask experiment used by Louis Pasteur to test the hypothesis of spontaneous generation.

The law of biogenesis states that life only comes from already established life. This very important and fundamental scientific law can be credited to the work of Louis Pasteur and others. The findings rooted in repeated scientific experimentation and observation can be summarized as follows, Omne vivum ex ovo, which is Latin for, "all life is from life."

The law of biogenesis is not to be confused with Ernst Haeckel's biogenetic law.

Biogenesis and Evolution

The general theory of evolution requires the violation of this scientific law at some point in the distant past. Many evolutionist websites, in keeping consistent with their beliefs on origins, teach abiogenesis (the opposite of biogenesis) as occurring at least once in the history of the universe,[1][2] although such has never been observed. In a letter that Charles Darwin wrote to J.D. Hooker (February 1871), he makes the remarkable suggestion that life may have begun in a

... warm little pond, with all sorts of ammonia and phosphoric salts, lights, heat, electricity, etc. present, that a protein compound was chemically formed ready to undergo still more complex changes, at the present day such matter would be instantly devoured or absorbed, which would not have been the case before living creatures were formed. [3] [4]

Of course, this assumption relies heavily upon faith. There has never been a scientific observation of life arising from non-living matter (abiogenesis). It would, however, seem that the scientific community in its modern incarnation, coupled with atheism and naturalism, would rather build upon unsubstantiated theories such as abiogenesis, rather than follow well established, empirically tested, scientific laws such as biogenesis.

Louis Pasteur knew quite well after debunking current thinking that microorganisms do spontaneously arise, stating that "spontaneous generation is a dream," or in French it reads,

La génération spontanée est une chimère.


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