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Civil law

Creation vs. evolution

Main Article: Creation vs. evolution

Since the 1950s, evolutionists have had a virtual monopoly in public education. This was not the result of legislation or Supreme Court rulings, however. There have been no laws or Supreme Court rulings prohibiting the teaching of creationism in schools. The cases to date have revolved around efforts by creationists to prohibit the teaching of evolution (in the Scopes Trial and others), and to require that creation science must at least be taught alongside evolution in public schools. These efforts were halted by the Supreme Court's interpretation of the First Amendment Establishment Clause in Edwards vs. Aguillard. But none of these cases prohibited teachers from teaching creationism or intelligent design in schools.

Equal rights

Scientific law

Main Article: Scientific law

Scientific laws are statements describing observed regularities in the universe or natural world. They may be either quantitative statements (including measurements) or qualitative (general characteristics). These statements must describe phenomena that are invariable, or produce the same results under a set of given conditions. These findings are then gathered using acceptable scientific standards of reproducibility and then classified as scientific laws.