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Korea Association for Creation Research

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The Korea Association for Creation Research was founded in 1981[1] and is working for spreading the truth of Creation on public education. It was founded by Young Gil Kim (the first president) and through Man Suk Song, Woong Sang Lee, now Gye Hyun Jung is working as a president of Korea Association for Creation Research.

In almost every district of Korea, KACR has an office. They have offices not only in Korea but also in the United States (LA, Chicago, Washington DC), Japan, and Indonesia. KACR's first goal is to teach Creation in public schools and other public places, and their second goal is to make a Korea Creation Museum, so they can teach Creation more scientifically and detailed.

KACR is separated as different departments: education, publication, IT, Scientific, Civilization, and Administration. Also they have an experimental laboratory to study creation more scientifically.

Korea Association for Creation Research
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Web site:


Korean Creation Magazine.jpg

KACR started their magazine, called "Chang Jo" (which means Creation), in 1981. Each magazine has scientific articles about Creation. Not only from Korean Creation researchers' articles but also from many foreign countries researchers' articles are included, so people can think the magazine as real and scientific. No. 139 is the last magazine and they don't publish this magazine anymore, but on their website, they have PDF files to read.


KACR has their website and it has a lot of information and articles about Creation, so it can be used for the people who wanted to know or have question about Creation, as a good resource website. It also has the search engine people can easily find information what they need.

Especially, in Library(자료실), they categorized their articles such as astronomy, physics and so on, so people can search the information more specifically and easily. Although most information is from other countries, they translate it all into Korean, so people who can't read English can use it. They also made the links. Because the website is updated daily, there are many recent articles and other information.

KACR has many seminars, so before seminars, people can read about it and search for the speakers. [1] In addition, many professors' columns are available. Because they also have a forum on their website, it can be used for questions not only from creationists but also from evolutionists.

Online shopping mall is also available, so people can buy DVDs, Videos, Books about Bible or Creation. They also update the best seller or the book of the week, so if people don't know what to buy, they can try what's popular. 자료구입


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