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Kissing gourami

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Kissing gourami
Kissing gourami.jpg
Scientific Classification
Binomial Name

Helostoma temminckii

The kissing Gourami fish also named (pink kisser, green kisser). They are named after their peculiar kissing behavior (usually the males swap kisses as a friendly gesture.) The kissing Gourami are about 30cm small and live in ponds and marshes. They like warm temperatures and can be found in Tropical Asia, South East Asia, and Thailand. These fishes need space and like open waters. Their appetite consists of lots of vegetation. These creatures are similar to other Gourami fishes, but then are unique in their own way.


The Kissing Gourami is 30cm. They have a strong body and a long based torso. The kissing Gourami have a unique fin structure. Their fins are called ray fins, basically because they look (ray like.) Some part of the fin are separated but still intact and soft like. Their anal fins are ray like to but are not separated. One of the main features of the Kissing Gourami are their kiss like mouths. Their lips are structured like that because of their non existent teeth. They use their mouth to suck up their food. Also The kissing Gourami are not outward sexual dimorphism. So when seeing a kissing Gourami you may never know if you're looking at a male or female.


In reproducing The kissing Gourami will begin to start spawning. Both the male and female will start circling each other then at some point the male will wrap himself around the female and turn her upside down. Then she will release her hundred or even thousands of eggs. Then the male will swim to the surface and fertilize the eggs. The kissing Gourami breeds in higher end Temp. range. Kissing Gourami are few of the fishes who don't build a nest or care for their young. Their babies will hatch within 24 hrs. and won't start swimming until 2 days.


Map of Asia

The kissing Gourami like to surround themselves in warm temp. areas. You will find them in Tropical Asia, South East Asia, and even Thailand. They like to live in swampy areas and marsh areas. The Kissing Gourami diet is simple they are vegetation fish. They eat plant material. Since their not too picky about when they eat they sometimes will just go after the debri in the water and accidentally eat their babies.


The kissing Gourami eating habits include plants and vegetation. They live in south Asia and the tropicals and enjoy the fresh waters and plant. They will sometimes eat plankton and debri, and that sometimes is bad. They will tend to accidentally eat their babies that are still fertilizing. They like to be in swampy areas also so they will feed on Algae and things of that nature.