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Kirk Cameron

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Kirk Cameron

Kirk Thomas Cameron was born October 12 1970, in Panorama City, California, to Robert Cameron, a teacher, and his wife Barbara Bausmith Cameron, a talent agent. He was named "Kirk" after the famous Captain James Kirk of the original Star Trek. Cameron has been called "The Most Famous Creationist".

Cameron is best known for playing the lovable, but mischievous, "Mike Seaver" on the American sitcom Growing Pains. Much of the success of the show stemmed from the chemistry of the characters, which was a reflection of the behind-the-scenes chemistry — Cameron said that he was closer to his on-screen family than his real one (his sister, Cameron, was also a teen star, playing DJ on the hit show Full House). However, after being born again in Christ, Cameron began to protest situations on the show that he perceived as immoral. Due to his immense public popularity, he wasn't fired, but he was ostracized by other cast members, and found his character's screen time was reduced. The show went off the air a few years later.

While working on Growing Pains, Cameron met actress Chelsea Noble. They married in 1991, but due to the rift between Cameron and his fellow Growing Pains cast, they were not invited to his wedding. Years later, he apologized to them, referring to his actions as immature. He appeared with them in a Growing Pains reunion special in 2000.

After Growing Pains, Cameron began another sitcom in 1992 called Kirk, but the series ended after two years to poor ratings. He now only works with Christian media and runs his Ministry, The Way of the Master, with Ray Comfort, an Australian.

Kirk and Chelsea have 6 children (4 adopted, 2 biological). They have acted together in several post-Growing Pains projects, including the "Left Behind" Christian movies. They also founded "Camp Firefly," a retreat camp for seriously- and terminally-ill children.

"To say that the banana happened by accident is even more unintelligent than to say that no one designed the Coca Cola can." - Kirk Cameron