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Scientific Classification

Potos flavus

Sub Species
  • P.f arborensis
  • P.f aztecus
  • P.f boothi
  • P.f campechensis
  • P.f chapadensis
  • P.f chiriquensis
  • P.f dugesii
  • P.f flavus
  • P.f guerrerensis
  • P.f isthmicus
  • P.f megalotus
  • P.f meridensis
  • P.f modestus
  • P.f nocturna

The kinkajou although it looks like a monkey and is called the honeybear, is actually in the raccoon family. It has a long tail used for balance and can hang upside down by it. Their tail is 15-22" long and is about the same length as its body and they have a 5" long tongue as well. They are very playful and curious. They eat mostly fruit but will also eat meat.

Kinkajous are not rare but are very hard to find since they mostly come out at night and sleep during the day. During the day they sleep in holes in trees and play by night. Their personalities are sweet although playful.


The kinkajou is a small brown furry animal. It has a long prehensile tail that it can use for balance and can hang upside down by it as well. They communicate with each other by scent glands, and they also have a wide range of calls. The kinkajou`s saliva is toxic so that if you are bitten you will have to go to a doctor.


Kinkajous reproduce sexually. They have one to two cubs, but rarely two. The kinkajou has bones on the back of its legs that in males are not covered with fur, the male rubs the female with the bones along her sides during mating. They breed year round in captivity but in the wild they only breed from April to December. The mother kinkajou is very protective of her young.


The kinkajou is found in Mexico, Central America, and Brazil. They live throughout all of Mexico and only in Brazil in South America.

They mainly eat fruit, flowers, berries, nectars, and insects but will sometimes eat small frogs and animals. Their favorite fruits are figs, grapes, bananas, melons, apples, and mangoes, but they are allergic to strawberries. They will also eat some meat and eggs, occasionally.

Kinkajous as Pets

Kinkajous make wonderful pets since they are playful, curious and loving. Many people keep them as pets because they are fun to play with and to own. They have wonderful personalities. If you hand raise them when they are just little babies they will be more accustomed to people and more loving. Since they are nocturnal you have to keep them in a cage at night or else they will keep you up all night. The cage should be rather large, around four feet wide and six to eight feet tall. You should never feed them citrus fruits or strawberries because they are allergic. They eat fruit, yogurt and occasionally meat.