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Kedar (Hebrew: קדר, Qēdār; "Name means::swarthy, Name means::dark") was the second son son of::Ishmael. He is first mentioned in Genesis 25:13.


The Kedars, Qedars, or Qodars were a nomadic tribe which inhabited the Syro-Arabian Desert. Their name means 'black' or 'swarthy', because of the color of their tents and are known as Bedouins. They consider themselves to be the original or purest Arabs and marry only among themselves. Several scriptures refer to Kedar from which we may deduce their lifestyle (Ezekiel 27:21; Jeremiah 49:28; Isaiah 21:16-17; 42:11; Psalms 70:5).

From Kedar (c. 1800 BC) may be traced a line of descent to Adnan (Qais) (122 BC) and from him, a further twenty-one generations to Muhammad (AD 570-622) of the Quraysh tribe. Thus Muhammad, himself, claimed descent from Kedar.

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