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Creationist periodical

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New theories and the results of research are first published in peer reviewed journals and magazines. Quarterly and even monthly periodicals are available from several organizations, and publications can be obtained in a range of technicality.

The best-known creation science technical journals in print are the Journal of Creation - by Creation Ministries International, and the Creation Research Society Quarterly - by the Creation Research Society.

Sortable List

Name Publisher Publication Type Frequency Focus
Acts & Facts Institute for Creation Research Magazine Monthly Young earth
Answers Magazine Answers in Genesis Magazine Quarterly Young earth
Answers Research Journal Answers in Genesis Web-only Technical Journal Annually Young earth
Archaeology Odyssey Magazine Biblical Archaeology Society Magazine Bimonthly Biblical archaeology
Biblical Archaeology Review Biblical Archaeology Society Magazine Monthly Biblical archaeology
Biblical Astronomer Journal Association for Biblical Astronomy Technical Journal Quarterly Geocentricity
Connections Reasons to Believe Newsletter Monthly Old earth
Creation Science Dialogue Creation Association of Alberta
Creation Creation Science Movement Technical Journal Quarterly
Creation Creation Ministries International Magazine Quarterly Young earth
Creation Illustrated Magazine Quarterly
Creation Matters Creation Research Society Newsletter Bimonthly Young earth
Creation Research Society Quarterly (CRSQ) Creation Research Society Technical Journal Quarterly Young earth
Daylight: Origins Science for Catholics Daylight Origins Society Magazine Triannually
Discovery - Scripture & Science for Kids Apologetics Press Kids Magazine Monthly
Does God Exist? John N. Clayton Web-only Bimonthly
Foundations of Science Common Sense Science Newsletter Quarterly Intelligent design, Nuclear physics
International Journal for Creation Research Institute for Creation Research Technical Journal Young earth
Journal of Creation (formerly TJ) Creation Ministries International Technical Journal Triannual Young earth
Meta Research Bulletin Meta Research, Inc. Popular to Technical Quarterly Astronomy
Origins Geoscience Research Institute Technical Journal Biannual Quarterly Young earth
Origins Biblical Creation Society Magazine Triannual Young earth
Origins & Design Access Research Network Web-only Technical Journal Periodic Intelligent design
Our View Creation Resource Trust Teenage paper Quarterly
Our World Creation Resource Trust Children's paper Quarterly
Perspectives on Science & Christian Faith American Scientific Affiliation Technical Journal Quarterly Old earth
Progress in Complexity, Information and Design (PCID) International Society for Complexity, Information, and Design Web-only Technical Journal Quarterly Intelligent design
Reason & Revelation Apologetics Press Magazine Monthly
Science and Christian Belief Christians in Science Technical journal Biannual
Theology and Science Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences Technical Journal Quarterly