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Jim Allan

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Jim Allan

James S. Allan has a Ph.D. in genetics from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and is an international consultant in the field of dairy cattle breeding. He has continued to study genetics and was a former lecturer in genetics at the University of Stellenbosch.

Dr. Allan believed in the evolutionary theory for 40 years of his life. He wasn't concerned with the long-time requirements because he thought it was logical that natural selection and genetic drift in response to gene mutation and environmental change could explain the extent of adaptation. In his studies he would use biometric methods of analysis, measuring the rate of change in genes when they are put under different artificial selection theories. However, because of his predisposition as a lifelong evolutionist, he didn't question his results, and didn't consider the difference in genetic variation between short-term versus long-term natural selection.

After becoming a Christian, Allan began constantly reading the Bible. However, he still believed that evolution could explain the existence of life. He did not thoroughly look into the controversy until his wife asked him a simple question which started to shake his evolutionary beliefs. He started to ask questions and each question broke down his belief in evolution. Dr. Allan is now a committed creationist. He was one of 50 authors to contibute to the book In Six Days.