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Jetur (Hebrew: יטור, Yeṭūr; "Name means::encircled") was the tenth of the twelve sons of son of::Ishmael, first mentioned in Genesis 25:15.


He was the progenitor of the Ituraeans, who were known to the Greeks as the Itouraioi (Ἰτουραῖοι). The Ituraeans are mentioned in the works of Cassius Dio, Josephus,[1] Pliny, Strabo[2] and others; and they were known to the Roman authorities as a notorious tribe of robbers. The Ituraeans disappeared as a distinct group in the 7th century AD however, some believe that the modern Druze are the descendants of the Ituraeans. The Druze perpetrated a massacre of Lebanese Christians in 1860 AD.

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