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Jehoram (priest)

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This article is about the high priest. For either of the two kings, see Jehoram or Jehoram of Israel.

Jehoram or Joram (Hebrew: יהורם, Yehōrām or Hebrew: יורם, Yōrām; "Name means::YHWH is exalted") (ca. 1011/0–fl. 916/5898/7 BC) was the fifteenth high priest of Israel.[1] Most of his career took place during the reign of King Jehoshaphat of Judah.


descendant of::Zadok I
grandson of::Ahimaaz
son of::Azariah I
father of::Amariah
grandfather of::Jehoiada


The most memorable incident in Jehoram's career happened in the third official year of the reign of Jehoshaphat (3093 AM). Jehoshaphat sent all his court officials to the major cities of Judah to instruct the people in the law of God. Jehoram and his colleague Elishama were part of this party. (2_Chronicles 17:7-9 )

After the death in battle of King Ahab (3107 AM), Jehoram's son and successor Amariah is listed as the high priest. (2_Chronicles 19:11 ) For this to be correct, Jehoram must have been dead by then. The best estimate is that he died on or before this year, after eighteen years of service, at the age of 98 (the same age at which Eli died).

Preceded by
Successor of::Azariah I
Member of::High priest
Flourit::3089 AMDied::3107 AM
Succeeded by
Succeeded by::Amariah

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