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James the Just

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Saint James the Just
Saint James the Just.jpg

Icon of James
Martyr, Adelphotheos
Died Died::62 AD, Jerusalem
Venerated in All Christianity
Canonized Pre-congregation
Feast May 3 (Roman Catholicism)
May 1 (Anglicanism)
October 23 (Lutheranism)
Attributes fuller's club and a man holding a book
Controversy James is sometimes identified with James, son of Alphaeus and James the Less. There is disagreement about the exact relationship to Jesus.

James the Just (Hebrew: יעקב, Yaʻaqōḇ; Greek: Iάκωβος, Iakōbos), also known as James the Apostle and James the Less, was the first bishop or patriarch of Jerusalem and a relative of Jesus.



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