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Isaiah (book)

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This stub concerns the Old Testament book of prophecy. For the prophet, see Isaiah (Prophet).

The Book of Isaiah (Hebrew: ספר ישעיה, Sēfer Yeshaʻyāh; Greek: Βίβλος τού Ἠσαίας, Biblōs tou Ēsaiās; Latin: Prophetia Isaiæ) is an eponymous collection of prophecies written by the Prophet Isaiah, during the period decline of Israel that eventually led to the fall of Jerusalem. These prophecies are some of the most poetic and Messianic in the Old Testament, ranging in scope from near-future (the impending attack by Assyria), to longer-term (the collapse of Jerusalem and exile of the Israelites; the coming of the Messiah), to distant future (the second coming of Jesus Christ, day of judgment, and establishment of the Kingdom of God).

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