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Irwin Moon

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Dr. Irwin A. Moon (Born::November 3, 1907 - Died::May 7, 1986) founded the Moody Institute of Science in 1945 and conducted the Sermons from Science (now called Wonders of Science). Dr. Moon is known for letting one million volts of electricity surge through his body.

Dr. Henry Morris who was formerly a theistic evolutionist, was especially influenced by Irwin Moon in the early 1940’s with Dr. Moon’s Sermons from Science series. Dr. Irwin Moon was a forerunner of the Intelligent design movement.[1]

The visionforum site lists the following titles for the sermons from science films[1]:

  • City of the Bees (DVD)
  • Dust or Destiny (DVD)
  • Facts of Faith (DVD)
  • God of Creation (DVD)
  • God of the Atom (DVD)
  • Journey of Life (DVD)
  • Red River of Life (DVD)
  • Voice of the Deep (DVD)
  • Windows of the Soul (DVD)
  • Signposts Aloft (DVD)
  • Professor and the Prophets (DVD)
  • Where the Water Runs (DVD)
  • Time and Eternity (DVD)
  • Prior Claim (DVD)
  • Experience with an Eel (DVD)
  • Of Books and Sloths (DVD)
  • Hidden Treasures (DVD)
  • Ultimate Adventure (DVD)
  • Mystery of the Three Clocks (DVD)
  • Classic Bible Adventures with Mr. Fixit (DVD)


Born in Grand Junction, Colorado in 1907. In 1928 he met his future wife, Margaret, and they married in January 1930. The couple had two sons and two daughters: Irwin Jr. and James and Marilyn Phillips and Janet Adams. In his work as a pastor, starting from 1931 he began to use scientific concepts to illustrate his sermons.[2] During his career as director of the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago the Institute has produced 39 educational films which won 27 national and international prizes.[2] In 1980, he was awarded the Eastman Kodak Gold Medal.[1] Moon retired in 1972.[1] He died at the age of 78 years on May 7, 1986 in a California hospital.[2]

Irwin Moon, Man of Science, Man of God, by Lyle Phillips


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