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Integrated apologetics

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Integrated Apologetics or Integrated Christian Apologetics is a system of Christian Apologetics introduced by Johnson C. Philip. Philip is a Christian Apologist from India, and the founder of a very large distance school in apologetics.

There are several schools of thought among Christian Apologists, with some emphasizing presuppositions while others emphasizing evidences. In 1970 Philip suggested that while each school of thought had some truth, they tended to be too narrow to do justice to the broad field of Christian Apologetics. He also proposed that all these schools of thoughts should be integrated into a harmonious whole.

He emphasized harmony because some of these schools nurtured an antagonistic attitude towards each other.

Development Of Integrated Apologetics

Philip, in his first oral and written presentations, claimed two things. First that the hostility between various camps in Christian Apologetics such as the Presuppositionalist and the Evidentialists, was an unnecessary construct. It was more a personality clash and less a clash of the fundamentals. Second, he proposed that none of the schools of thought was complete or autonomous in itself.

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