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Scientific Classification

Suborder Mixosauria

  • Mixosauridae

Suborder Merriamosauriformes

  • Guanlingsauridae
  • Besanosauridae
Infraorder Shastasauria
  • Shastasauridae
Infraorder Euichthyosauria ("true ichthyosaurs")
  • Teretocnemidae
  • Californosaurus
  • Macgovania
  • Hudsonelpidia
  • Suevoleviathan
  • Leptonectidae
  • Temnodontosauridae
Infraorder Thunnosauria ("tuna lizards")
  • Stenopterygiidae
  • Ichthyosauridae
  • Ophthalmosauridae

The Ichthyosaur is a preserved marine reptile skull that was buried in a vertical, nose-down position at 90 degrees through three geologic layers. Scientists found it in 1999 in an abandoned quarry north of Switzerland, near Hauenstein. It took many painstaking months of careful digging to eventually release the specimen from its enclosure within the rock.

However, one thing separates the ichthyosaur from many other fossils of all types which is that its head was especially preserved in three dimensions, meaning it was not flattened by the weight of the sediments above.


Since the fossil was found going through three geologic layers several questions are blatant and create a very logical contradictory basis against evolutionary assumptions about such an event. How could the ichthyosaur or any animal for that matter be fossilized over a million years? Wouldn't it be scavenged? To most logical scientists and observant creationists the obvious implication is that the assumption of millions of years is rather unnecessary to explain such an event.