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Hul (Hebrew: חול, Khūl; "circle") was the second son of son of::Aram, the son of Shem, according to Genesis 10:23 . He was also the brother of brother of::Uz, brother of::Gether, and brother of::Mash.


It is generally understood that at least a portion of Hul's descendants settled in the district of Hûleh (Arabic: ارض الحوله, Ard al-Hûleh), near the sources of the Jordan River. Josephus maintains that the sons of Hul founded Armenia near Kir or Kur. This would have been after their captivity in c. 732 BC. There can be no doubt that they gave rise to the Halani who were also known as Alani or Alans. Mount Alaunus was named after them. A tribe in south Georgia, bordering Armenia is known as the Syanians which may be a corruption of "Syrians" of which they may be a mixed remnant. Some writers even claim that the Ossetes, living in this area, are now mixed descendants of the Alans or perhaps more accurately, mixed descendants of Uz or Oz.

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