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How Well Designed Was Noah’s Ark?

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By Dr. Werner Gitt (2004)

65 minutes (highschool - Adult)

What were the most important factors in Ark construction? First, stability. Then, efficient use of material. Dr. Gitt shows that the dimensions of Noah's Ark were optimal for both. Discover why the Ark shapes shown in children's books and elsewhere are ridiculously unstable.



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This was pretty good. Not a lot of new information if you already have researched Noah's Ark in detail. Some new twists on an old theme and a good introduction to those who know nothing about Noah or his Ark. I will be sending my copy to the local school library once I watch it again.

The only major complaint I had about it was there was not much DIY information. I have been interested in building my own Ark for some time and have been looking for a good source of information about historical building techniques and design. When I purchased this title I mistakenly thought it was about the design of the Ark from a builder's perspective. I'll keep looking for a good DIY source, but if anyone is hoping to build their own Ark, like me, this probably isn't the right DVD for you.


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