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Scientific Classification
Species and Subspecies
  • H. arizonicum (Arizona barley)
  • H. bogdanii
  • H. brachyantherum Nevski (Meadow barley)
    • H. b. brachyantherum (Meadow barley)
    • H. b. californicum (California barley)
  • H. brevisubulatum
  • H. bulbosum (Bulbous barley)
  • H. comosum
  • H. depressum (Dwarf barley)
  • H. intercedens (Bobtail barley)
  • H. jubatum (Foxtail barley)
    • H. j. intermedium (Intermediate barley)
    • H. j. jubatum (Foxtail barley)
  • H. marinum (Seaside barley)
    • H. m. gussonianum (Mediterranean barley)
    • H. m. marinum (Seaside barley)
  • H. murinum (Mouse barley)
    • H. m. glaucum (Smooth barley)
    • H. m. leporinum (Hare barley)
    • H. m. murinum (Wall barley)
  • H. parodii
  • H. pusillum (Little barley)
    • H. p. euclaston
  • H. secalinum
  • H. spontaneum (Spontaneous barley)
  • H. vulgare (Common barley)

Barley is an annual grain which is used all year round. There are two well known types of Barley - regular grain barley and wild barley. Barley does grow during the spring and fall and is best grown in March and April. Barley is the 2nd most used plant next to wheat! Barley is used in well known beers and for seasoning and everyday things. Barley is very healthy and is used in minerals and serves as a very good fiber for women.

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