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The Hivites (Hebrew: החוים, Khivvīm; "Name means::villagers") are the descendants of Hivi (Hebrew: החוי, Khivvī; "Name means::villager"), the sixth son of son of::Canaan according to Genesis 10:17 .


We know of the Hivites primarily as one of seven main people groups living in the land of Canaan upon the arrival of the Hebrews in the Book of Joshua. The Hivites inhabited Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine, from the Hermon Range to Hamath. Known to the ancient Greeks as the Ηευαιος, Heuaios, this people moved to the foothills of Lebanon during the Israelite conquest of Canaan. Solomon was later to use Hivites as builders.

The Hivites were driven out of the Middle East by the Philistines according to Peter Tompkins. Many readers would be familiar with Peter Tompkins' stimulating work Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids. In it, Tompkins uses Ordoez, Naez, and native Mexican sources. Part of the Hivite tribe fled Tyre from whence they set sail for America.

On page 79 he quotes from an Indian document signed 28th September 1554, which reads:

We have written that which by tradition our ancestors told us, who came from the other part of the sea, from Civán-Tulán, bordering Babylonia.

One Indian tradition recorded in The Annals of the Cakchiquels - Title of the Lords of Totonicapán mentions that their ancestors came from the east, from the rising of the sun, across the ocean from a place called "Civán-Tulán", which in Quiché means, "place of caves".

Writes one researcher:

The people led by Odin or Wotan across the Atlantic to the New World were not exclusively the sons of Tiras from Thrace; some tribes were called Chivim, reports Ordoez, the early Spanish writer. It is the very Hebrew spelling used for the English word Hivites, some of whom once lived in Mt. Seir, the land of caves near Babylonia! So the Mexican Indians were a mixed people.

The Hivites are today absorbed into the general population of Mexico and Guatemala. Some Hivites may have settled in the land of the Uzbeks, in the city of Khiva (Uzbek: Хива, Xiva; Russian: Хива, Khiva; Persian: خیوه, Khiveh), for a time, before migrating to Pannonia in Hungary where a minority of brown people live. Some may still be found there to this day.

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