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Semantic MediaWiki Help
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Semantic templates

Custom units

Annotation guideline

Browsing and searching

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Semantic search

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External tools

Semantic Web

RDF export

Known Bugs

Semantic MediaWiki (or SMW for short) is an extension to the well-known MediaWiki software. SMW helps editors improve the structure and organization of the knowledge in CreationWiki by adding simple, machine-processable annotations to our articles. With this additional information, you can greatly improve searching, browsing, and sharing the wiki's knowledge; both within the wiki's pages and from external computer programs.

This is the starting page to the full online documentation of SMW. More information is in the subsections of this document.


Semantic features require explicit semantic data to work with. Users can easily add such data to existing articles, as described in Help:Semantic annotation, and thereafter a "factbox" that summarizes the annotated data appears in the footer to the article. Users can add such annotation to templates as described in Help:Semantic templates so that other users create semantic data simply by filling in a template.

Searching and browsing

For help in searching and browsing CreationWiki content using semantic tools.

Connecting to the Semantic Web

Semantic MediaWiki employs technologies that have been developed for creating the Semantic Web — an advanced version of the WWW that is all about sharing knowledge (instead of mere data) even across the boundaries of single websites. Semantic MediaWiki can export the knowledge in wiki pages in the standard Resource Description Framework format. Further information and technical details about those features of Semantic MediaWiki are given at Help:Semantic Web.

Using annotations correctly

See the Semantic Annotation Guideline for information and instruction on how to use annotations effectively on CreationWiki.

CreationWiki Semantic MediaWiki Help
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This page is part of the CreationWiki Semantic MediaWiki Help series - prepared to assist editors in becoming productive members of the CreationWiki community. Browse the Table of Contents