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This page provides formatting help for creating links. There are four types is Wiki links - two of which can be created using buttons on the editing toolbar.

  1. internal links to other pages in the wiki, (toolbar button (Internal link icon.png).
  2. external links to websites (External link icon.png).
  3. inter-wiki links (links to other wikis)
  4. inter-language links to other language versions of the same wiki

Internal Links

An "internal link" is one that forwards the user to an article within the CreationWiki. To create an internal link, highlight a word or phrase, which is the title of a CreationWiki article and press the "Internal Link" button above the editing window Internal link icon.png. This button simply places two brackets (i.e. [[sample title]] ) around the text as shown causing the text to become a link to the forementioned article. If no article exists with the specified title, the link will appear red (i.e. sample title).

Using alternative labels

To use a word other than the filename as a link, separate the filename and the desired text by the following character ( | ) When adaptation is the name of the file, but adapt is used in the text - [[adaptation|adapt]] is used as the internal link in the following link -- adapt. Two other examples are provided for a filename "Charles Darwin" linked as Darwin's -- Darwin's ([[Charles Darwin|Darwin's]]) and the filename Darwin's Finches linked to the word finches -- finches ([[Darwin's Finches|finches]]).

However, to simply add one or more letters to a link—such as using a plural version of a link—simply put the extra letter outside the link and the Wiki software will include it in the link automatically: [[Bible]]s is displayed as Bibles, and [[flood]]ing is displayed as flooding. This does not work for apostrophes, however: Darwin's.

External Links

Worldwide web.png

An "external link" is one that forwards the user to an offsite address. To create an external link, highlight the webaddress and click the "External Link" button External link icon.png. This button will simply place single brackets around the web address you specified (i.e. [] ). Please do not allow internet URLs to be visible on your page.

  • If the internet address is bracketed without a title of the webpage, a reference number will be automatically assigned to the URL. This technique is used to place references within a text. For example: [] will appear as [1].
  • If a title is desired, as when placing links in the footer of a document, the title should also be placed within the brackets, after the URL, with a space separating the title from the URL. For example: [ CreationWiki] will appear as CreationWiki.

Note that the difference between an internal and external link is the use of double [[]] instead of single [] brackets.

Interwiki Links

Main Article: Interwiki links

Interwiki links are links to pages on other wiki sites, using a prefixed internal link style. Interwiki links make it possible, to link to the pages of (e.g.) Wikipedia, Conservapedia, or to Creationwiki-project in different languages.

A link like [[Wikipedia:Main Page]] will appear like this: Wikipedia:Main Page and redirect you to Wikipedia's Main Page. To Create a titled link, use a format like [[Wikipedia:Creationism|Creationism]], which will simply appear as: Creationism

How to link

Description You type You get
Internal link [[Main Page]] Main Page
Internal link stored on intranet server [file:///\\server_name123\pubshare_name\internal_webpage.htm internal_webpage.htm] internal_webpage.htm
Category link [[:Category:Help]] Category:Help
Piped link [[Main Page|different text]] different text
Anchor link [[#External links|Anchor link]] Anchor link
External link
External link from internal image [http://targetURL {{Server}}/wiki/images/imagelocation] Internal image
External link,

different title

[ MediaWiki] MediaWiki
External link,


[] [2]
External link,

same host unnamed

[http://{{SERVERNAME}}/pagename] [3]
Interwiki link [[Wikipedia:Creationism]] Wikipedia:Creationism
Interwiki link,

different title

[[Wikipedia:Creationism|Creationism]] Creationism
mailto unnamed [] [4]
mailto named [ info] info
redirect #REDIRECT [[Main Page]] Main Page