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Interwiki links are links to pages on other wiki sites,, using a prefixed internal link style. Interwiki links make it possible, to link to the pages of (e.g.) Wikipedia, Conservapedia, Wikible, or to Creationwiki-project in different languages.

A link like [[Wikipedia:Main Page]] will appear like this: Wikipedia:Main Page and redirect you to Wikipedia's Main Page. To Create a titled link, use a format like [[Wikipedia:Creationism|Creationism]], which will simply appear as: Creationism

Interwiki links to other projects


Several Wikimedia-Projects and Christian Wikis are ready for interwiki linking.

prefix direction usage example
conservapedia [[conservapedia:Main Page]]
wikipedia [[wikipedia:Main Page]]
commons [[commons:MediaWiki]]
mediazilla [[mediazilla:1209]]
meta [[meta:Main Page]]
mw [[mw:Help:Contents]]
wikibooks [[wikibooks:Main Page]]
wikimedia [[wikimedia:Main Page]]
wikinews [[wikinews:Main Page]]
wikiquote [[wikiquote:Main Page]]
wikisource [[wikisource:Main Page]]
wikispecies [[wikispecies:Main Page]]
wiktionary [[wiktionary:Main Page]]

Interlanguage links to other CreationWiki projects

Interwiki links to other languages

You can create interlanguage links to articles on any CreationWiki project. Currently the CreationWiki is being translated into English, Spanish, German, Korean, Hebrew, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese. Two different types of links can be created to link to these interlanguage sites.

  • Language name - link shows in the sidebar, just below the toolbox (picture at right).
  • Article title - link within an article body.

When CreationWiki articles are translated from one language to another, a link should be placed at the bottom of each article, so that each translation links to the other in the sidebar. To create a sidebar link from to the English Creationism page to those in other languages, the following interlanguage links are placed at the bottom of the article. This will create links that appear in the sidebar similar to those in the image at right.


This type of link is shown in Sidebar section only — not in the article. If you want to create a link in the text, you have to add a colon before the prefix: [[:de:Kreationismus]].