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Hedonism is the materialistic philosophy that the ultimate good is pleasure. Morality is based off of the belief that the things which brings the most pleasure are the most moral. A variety of hedonism which applies to populations expands this to say that what brings the greatest pleasure to the greatest number of people is the best thing to strive for. In this second interpretation, personal pleasure is not seen as the greatest good, because what one person wants may be to the detriment of a much greater number of people. See Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, and various tyrannical kings, emperors, and pharaohs throughout history--whereas the Biblical Christian would denounce their acts as immoral based upon God's Law, the hedonist can only logically denounce them as immoral based on the fact that they caused displeasure to a large number of people. Ironically enough, the majority of Nazi Germany supported Hitler's various euthanasia programs,[Reference needed] so the hedonist cannot even logically account for why The Holocaust was wrong, following this line of logic.

Absolutely Not

Hedonism, by nature, cannot account for absolute laws of morality. Because people's objects of desire change, the things which cause pleasure to the greatest number will also change. At the risk of being redundant, please note that if something changes, it is not absolute.

If the majority of people wish to subjugate the minority, then this is moral, according to hedonism.

Thankfully, there is an absolute Law, and absolute Law requires an absolute LawGiver. The Bible, containing God's Word, is the only source of absolute truth and morality in existence. Hedonism is just another Human-based philosophy that fails to measure up.

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom."[1]

Relation to other belief systems

Hedonism is the "ethical" basis for the religion of Humanism, the belief that man, and not God, is the measure of all things. Hedonism relies heavily on Naturalism as the existance of the immaterial would render base pleasure inferior to Godly salvation.


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