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Scientific Classification
  • Allocricetulus
  • Cansumys
  • Cricetus
  • Cricetulus
  • Mesocricetus
  • Phodopus
  • Tscherskia

Hamster are one of subfamily and they have 18 species. Normally they are pet or used as a lab animal but they are famous as a small house pet. The biggest hamster has recorded is 34cm. Hamster eats fresh fruit, small animal, insect and vegetable that is invertebrates. Many hamsters have different colors which are depend on their species (also has stripes on body). Hamsters attack people sometimes, and most of the incidents caused by people's attitude towards the animal.[1]


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Hamster has big cheek pouches to carry food in so, they carry their food to their area. They are small as a mouse and has fat body but they move fast. Also they have small legs, ears that covered with hair and short tail. They have 18 to 26C body temperature and 250 ~ 300 hearts rate beat for a minute. They have bad eyesight but hearing or smelling are good.


The time when hamster becomes fertile is depend on their species(male hamsters will be fertile for rest of their lives but females are not). From April to October is their duration of reproduction and they lay 1 to 13 baby hamsters after 16 to 22 days from their sex but every species has differences of the days. When the baby hamster is born it doesn't have hair and still blind but they will be all grow up after three weeks.



Wild hamsters makes their shelter in underground and they save foods or hide from enemy till the early morning in the shelter because they start to move from early morning. Hamster is largely places for example central Europe to western Siberia, north china and Korea. Some rare hamsters are hard to find. For example, golden hamsters are found only in a small town in northwestern Syria.



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